Better School Days

For about 4 months, I’ve thought that there needs to be some kind of balancing force to keep modern ed “reformers” in check.  Even they themselves ought to recognize the importance of a debate where their propositions are not the only ones.  This is the value of competition of ideas.  But it’s all very one-sided right now.

For example, what group is contesting the Common Core State Standards?  There are individuals here and there expressing reservations, but many more groups have gotten on board without, as far as I can tell, any decision making process.  This is not to say that the CCSS are a bad thing, but the debate is important.  What group is contesting the notion that more hours over more days will improve the quality of education for students?

Unions are probably the easiest objection to this post.  But if you follow the links above, or pay any attention at all, you can forget about unions taking any kind of position here.  The exception is the CTU, which is where I got the phrase “better school day.”  Here‘s someone talking about better school days to give you an idea if you’re not familiar.

I’m probably not as informed as I think, but I’m working on it.  Any comments with information are appreciated.

Some things I’ve found since writing this post:


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  1. Posted by Aravinda on December 24, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    You are right, students and teachers need a balancing force but it seems the playing field is getting tipped against them. I was just reading that ALEC and co are pushing “legislation that devastates public education, teachers, and an already underfunded school system so that they can replace the public system, the unions, and the government employees with private systems that promise to pay less, bust unions, and remove benefits and pensions.”

    I believe the Chicago Teachers’ Union is questioning the Common Core Standards:

    I recently heard this interview with Alfie Kohn:


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